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  Machine Specifications
Itaya MCS-8D CNC Wire Former
Inventory #: 210031

Serial #: 4550
New: 1984
Catalog Specs:
Maximum Wire Diameter: ..032 Maximum Spring Diameter: ..280" Maximum Spring Length: 1.80" Camshaft Characteristics: Min. Increment: Plus or Minus 0.1 Degrees Max. Increment: Plus or Minus 359.9 Degrees Max Speed: 125 rpm Wire Feed Characteristics: Min. Increment: Plus or Minus .002", Max. Increment Plus or Munus 400" Max. Feed Speed: 2400" per min. Memory: 210 steps per program, Program Storage: 200 program digital cassette Tape Power: Wire Feed 400W, Camshaft 400W Power Consumption: (200v/3/60): 5A Dimensions: 58" x 37" x 20" Weight: 1150 lbs.

Equipped With:
Equipped with: 4 T Slides 1 C Slide, 1 S Slide Swing Arm Jog Button No Feed Rolls, Guides or Tooling No Wire Straightener 29712 hours

Location: Lake Forest

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