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  Machine Specifications
Itaya MCS-15G CNC Wire Former
Inventory #: 222164

Serial #: 7947
New: 1995
Capacity: 1.5mm
Catalog Specs:
Wire Diameter: .0157" (0.4mm) - .059 (1.5mm) Maximum Spring Diameter: .585" (15mm) Maximum Spring Length: 3.9" (100mm) Camshaft Characteristics: Min. Increment: Plus or Minus 0.05 Degrees Max. Increment: Plus or Minus 359.9 Degrees Max Speed: 300 rpm Wire Feed Characteristics: Min. Increment: .0007"(.02mm) Max. Increment 393" (9999.98mm) Max. Feed Speed: 295 ft/min" per min.(90 m/min) Slide Axis: Min. Increment: .001 Max. Increment 99.999 Max. Speed: 800 rpm Memory: 600 steps per program, Program Storage: 200 program 3.5" floppy disk Power: Wire Feed 1500W, Camshaft 1500W , Slide 200W Power Consumption: (200v/3/60): 15A Dimensions: 65" x 59" x 32" HxWxD, Weight: 1763 lbs.

Equipped With:
Equipped with: Rotary Quill, 1 Servo Spinner, 1 Servo Slide 5 T Slides, 1 C Slide, 1 ? Slide, U Attachment 2 Plane Straightener & Cast Disc Diameter Control Motor, MPG Extra Tooling and Parts Flat Screen Monitor 92198 hours

Location: Lake Forest

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